The cheapest rejuvenating treatment … facial massage!

Masaż twarzy - najtańszy zabieg odmładzający

The simplest, most pleasant way to a clean, radiant, smooth complexion. It is a mandatory ritual for every woman regardless of age. And we don’t accept lack of time as an excuse, because giving yourself a facial massage can even be done in 1-2 minutes!

A treatment with multiple benefits:

  • • Practically free – the only cost is a few drops of oil
  • • Rejuvenates – massage stimulates the blood circulation in the skin, which in turn stimulates the skin to regenerate, making it more elastic and preventing the formation of wrinkles. It also helps to remove dead skin cells.
  • • Improves the face’s overall appearance, eliminates dark circles under the eyes and puffiness – massage stimulates the skin's blood circulation and lymphatic flow, preventing stagnation and swelling
  • • Eliminates local drying of the skin (*here we would highly recommend BIOUP Regenerating Oil Serum)
  • • Strengthens protective skin barriers – thanks to the selection of appropriate massage oils
  • • Relaxing and rejuvenating – not only for the skin, but also for general well-being – the massage leaves you feeling like somebody has taken care of you (the brain can be deceived and does not pay attention to the fact that you did the massage yourself)
  • • Clean – no drippy mask, messy seaweed, etc.

Instructions for an effective massage:

  • • Do it on cleansed skin, preferably in the evening
  • • Adjust the strength of the massage to the needs of your skin and your own preferences – from gentle stroking to stronger pressure to stimulate lymphatic flow
  • • Use stroking movements in the opposite direction of gravity – i.e. upwards, do not pull the skin down
  • • Massage with self-love
  • • Choose the right massage oil – make top choose one that is non-comedogenic – that is, it has no tendency to clog the skin pores (oil definitely falls off). This can be a one-component oil. We would recommend BIOUP Face Care Oil or BIOUP Oil Serum
  • • As a note – massage is not advised on skin that is irritated or broken out with acne

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