Six steps to a well-groomed complexion – what we can learn from Korean women

Systemise your knowledge
The title is a bit perverse – because in our opinion we do not have to learn a lot, but rather in a way to systematize our knowledge and sort out the treatments we do at home. Korean face care is very self-conscious, which is something that we respect. We certainly appreciate such awareness of the needs of our own skin and care for its health. We deliberately write about taking care of the skin’s health, because appearance is only a reflection of its condition. A healthy, well-groomed complexion just looks nice.

Take your time, and choose the right cosmetics
We have to devote some time and attention to our skin – if we do, it will look radiant and healthy. Our skin likes to be pampered. When you use good, natural cosmetics, at-home masks, the phenomenon of "overkill" is rare. In the mass testing phase of BIOUP cosmetics – for cosmetics currently for sale and those that awaiting their turn – the skin of almost all of our testers was radiant and did not show any signs of overkill – which was a big surprise for us. Don’t be stingy with your products – but make sure they are the right ones for your skin.

Turn your routine into a ritual… aka 6 steps to caring for your skin

  • • Never sleep in makeup! Use a clean makeup remover and cleanse your face daily.
  • • In the morning and after cleansing in the evening, spray or wipe your face with an botanical tonic to restore skin with the proper pH and moisture.
  • • When applying skin care cosmetics appropriate to skin type, remember to start with the lighter ones – those with more water content and move onto the heavier (most oily) ones, OR start with those richest in active substances (serums, essences) moving onto the less active ones (creams).
  • • Massage your face daily using facial oils.
  • • Give your skin something extra once in a while – a peel or face mask.
  • • Protect skin from the sun – unfortunately, the sun is our main enemy in the fight to maintain youthful-looking skin.

These tips are probably not surprising to anyone who is meticulous about skin care. However, a little
reminder never hurts, and maybe there’s even something new to add to your care regimen!

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