Revitalizing kit – rebuilding hydration and healthy color

Enjoy the beautiful skin tone, its vitality and a healthy, fresh look.

Mango, pomegranate, prickly pear, wild rose, apple tree and sea buckthorn are accompanied by pure hyaluronic acid.

Such a set will satisfy even the most demanding skin! It will allow it to replenish nutrients and rebuild the proper level of hydration.

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Product description

We chose the cosmetics in the set so as to rely on the unique moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid and at the same time on the revitalizing and elasticizing effect of superfruits. This is how the revitalizing kit was created – rebuilding hydration and a healthy color.


Fruity skin superfood – the most valuable skin nutrients

There is a group of fruits that are sometimes referred to as “skin superfood” because of the richness of nutrients they provide to the skin. We are talking here primarily about a huge dose of vitamins and microelements. But from the cosmetic point of view, another feature is the most important – they are one of the strongest antioxidants – substances that slow down the aging processes taking place in cells. Thanks to them, it is easier for our skin to protect itself against the negative effects of external factors. It is healthier, in better condition – and thus – looks nicer.


The interaction of cosmetics

The cosmetics included in the set complement each other perfectly and allow you to create fully personalized care. Each of them can be used alone, but they can also be freely combined with each other. Mixing them dropwise in the hollow of the hand changes their texture and sensations on the skin, and directs the action depending on the needs. Each of the cosmetics will also work well as an enrichment of your favorite cream. To do this, add a drop of the selected cosmetic from the kit to a single-use portion.


Mango Energy revitalizing elixir

The base and heart of the revitalizing set is the Revitalizing elixir MANGO ENERGY, which was created with the preparation of the skin for make-up in mind – thanks to its delicate texture, the cosmetic is immediately absorbed, leaving the skin pleasantly moisturized and smooth. With use, the skin condition improves, the color is evened out and the appearance is refreshed. If you like a more dense consistency, you can mix the Elixir with 1-2 drops of the Anti-Aging Serum. The elixir has a fresh, fruity scent which guarantees a better mood.

The cosmetic comes in a 30ml frosted glass bottle with a pipette.


Pure Hyaluronic acid 3%

Hyaluronic acid 3% three-molecular – the most effective, long-lasting, deep, and true skin hydration. Thanks to it, not only do the appearance and condition of the skin improve quickly and dryness disappears, but the increase in the level of hydration has a positive effect on the skin’s ability to regenerate.

The acid comes in a 30ml glass bottle with a pipette.


Smoothing serum anti-aging YOUTH GLOW

Smoothing serum anti-aging YOUTH GLOW – revitalizing and protecting the skin in one. A rich composition based on exclusive organic oils from fruits and seeds of wild rose, pomegranate, raspberry, baobab, and evening primrose. It perfectly cares for, restores elasticity, improves color, protects and strengthens blood vessels, and prevents discoloration. A large dose of vitamins C (in a concentration of 4%) and E has a strong anti-aging effect. It absorbs quickly, leaving the skin matte – so it can be used both day and night. The smell of the serum is characteristic of the high-quality unrefined oils it contains.

The serum comes in a 15 ml transparent frosted glass bottle with a pipette.


Revitalizing kit – rebuilding hydration and healthy color – the regular price of the cosmetics included in the kit is PLN 193.


In order to see the ingredients, please visit pages dedicated for individual products.


BIOUP S.C. Opinie z

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