How to effectively and safely cleanse the skin?

Cleansing the skin is the first and most basic step of any skin care regimen. It removes skin of impurities – both natural and external, like makeup, dirt and dust that settles on our face. The cleaning process also removes dead epidermal cells. This is a mandatory daily ritual! Going to sleep without removing makeup can be detrimental, as the skin regenerates at night and must have the right conditions. BIOUP products create the ideal conditions.

During many conversations we’ve had at meetings and workshops, cleansing and make-up removal are always a recurring theme in the context of natural skin care. We get lots of questions on how to do it properly, in a way that both effectively cleanses the skin and avoids disturbing its protective barriers and natural processes. From our experience, it is cleansing and make-up removal that raises the most questions and doubts in the entire care process.

It is worth noting that there are even effective and gentle methods for women who don’t regularly cleanse their skin or who do it in a more symbolic manner. This can be as simple as swiping the skin with a cotton swab moistened with a tonic or botanical water.

There are a wide variety of available options for women to cleanse their skin: water, soap, washing gels, micellar liquids, lotions, tonics, oil blends, two-phase fluids… It is important to match the type of product to the type and requirements of your skin, as well as to the degree of soiling. After washing and cleansing, skin should not feel tight, contrary to the common misconception that tightness is a sign that skin has been thoroughly cleansed.

The most effective way to cleanse the skin is by using products that include oils – cleaning oils, make-up removal oils and various emulsions, two-phase fluids and lotions. This is because like attracts like – and impurities are mostly greasy or oily. As an example, if you have a waterproof makeup that is difficult to remove, you should place a cotton pad soaked in oil or product for about 10-15 seconds on the eyelid before cleansing. This gives the makeup a chance to dissolve without the need to rub. The skin around the eyes is delicate, thin and sensitive, and if you rub it regularly to remove makeup, it will speed up the appearance of wrinkles. BIOUP facial care oil works well for this kind of pre-treatment.

We’ve also learned that many women are scared to use cleansing oils, fearing that they will leave the skin feeling oily and not properly remove stubborn makeup. This is why we developed BIOUP Facial Cleansing Oil, which is gentle and effective. It combines the benefits of oil care and the ability to rinse your face with water. It leaves skin clean, smooth, and most importantly – without the feeling of tightness.

Regardless of the cleansing method, we recommend using a toner in order to restore skin to the proper pH.

At night, cleansed skin has the chance to rebalance and regenerate, so quite often in the morning there is no need to cleanse again – if you want to refresh your skin, just swipe or spray a skin tonic or botanical water. BIOUP Botanical Tonics work perfectly here!

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