Mother Nature takes care of feminine beauty.

BIOUP helps her along with pleasure.

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Her Highness, the Wild Rose

the No. 1 anti-aging oil
and a potent regenerative treatment
for the skin after the summer sun

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For autumn

envelop your skin with oil serum

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BIOUP bottles

minimalistic packaging containing
natural extravagance

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An optimistic autumn?

Of course. With BIOUP cosmetics, all signs point to yes!
BIOUP your skin, BIOUP your body,
BIOUP your live!

Want to look younger? – massage your face!

Here are 7 benefits of giving yourself a face massage

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BIOUP’s favourite ingredients

We create our cosmetics from exotic raw materials known for their holistic healing properties from the far corners of the globe as well as local sources. We only use ingredients found in nature, many of which are organically-certified!

Prickly pear, bamboo, baobab, pomegranate and mango, together with oats, evening primrose, cucumber, hawthorn, apple tree, wild rose, marshmallow and arnica. These ingredients are rich in vitamins, hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10 that the skin needs. Thanks to this, all types of skin will find delight in BIOUP’s powerful facial cocktails!

Our Recommendation

Tailored care

Choose the oil SERUM most suitable for your skin

About us

BIOUP your skin, BIOUP your body, BIOUP your life!

Our passion, vision, dream was to create a Polish brand of natural cosmetics – well thought-out and researched formulas aimed primarily at protecting and supporting the skin and its natural defences. We reviewed scientific studies and research looking for raw materials with unique protective and stimulating properties.

The secret of the effectiveness of our cosmetics is knowledge combined with passion, experience from endless trials and experiments - and a little something extra from nature itself – a synergistic effect – resulting from mutual reinforcement of actions through well-chosen natural ingredients.

We are fascinated by cosmetology, botanical medicine and exploring the properties of plants and herbs. We have been collecting, processing, experimenting and leading cosmetics creation workshops for years. From numerous meetings and workshops, we have gotten to know what women struggle with, what is important to them, what is difficult for them, their main interests in skin care, and what they pay attention to. To a large extent, it’s the women we have had the opportunity to speak with who gave us the power and mobilized us to create our own brand - thank you

In every bottle and jar with the BIOUP logo you will find not only the highest quality botanical active substances, oils, distillates, extracts and macerations, but also passion and positive energy that willcertainly enhance the effect of the cosmetics.

It was not a machine that filled most of the bottles
– we did it
- especially for you.

What are BIOUP cosmetics?

  • For conscious women
  • Natural, organic
  • Organic
  • Reliable
  • Well thought-out
  • Hand – crafted
  • Polish and balanced
  • Safe
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan
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