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Our passion, vision, dream was to create a Polish brand of natural cosmetics – well thought-out and researched formulas aimed primarily at protecting and supporting the skin and its natural defences. We reviewed scientific studies and research looking for raw materials with unique protective and stimulating properties. The secret of the effectiveness of our cosmetics is knowledge combined with passion, experience from endless trials and experiments – and a little something extra from nature itself – a synergistic effect – resulting from mutual reinforcement of actions through well-chosen natural ingredients.

We are fascinated by cosmetology, botanical medicine and exploring the properties of plants and herbs. We have been collecting, processing, experimenting and leading cosmetics creation workshops for years. From numerous meetings and workshops, we have gotten to know what women struggle with, what is important to them, what is difficult for them, their main interests in skin care, and what they pay attention to. To a large extent, it’s the women we have had the opportunity to speak with who gave us the power and mobilized us to create our own brand – thank you

In every bottle and jar with the BIOUP logo you will find not only the highest quality botanical active substances, oils, distillates, extracts and macerations, but also passion and positive energy that will certainly enhance the effect of the cosmetics.
It was not a machine that filled most of the bottles – we did it – especially for you.


How do we create BIOUP cosmetics?


We attach great importance not only to the formulations of our cosmetics, but to well thought-out decisions at every stage of their creation – from the selection of raw materials and suppliers through transport, storage, and production process to the selection of appropriate packaging, and at the final stage to reducing the amount of time it takes to get the finished product into your hands.

Why should you trust us?

It is extremely important to us that you – our clients – receive reliable information from us. That is why we’d like to present our process of product creation – from concept to a ready bottle in your bathroom.

How is a new product born?

Sometimes it’s a unique idea, overheard comment or suggestion that forms the outline of a new product. How should it work? What do we expect from it? Other times, we get to know the unique properties of some raw material or extract, which becomes an inspiration, and the idea is born to include it, connect it and strengthen its activities in our line.

Selection of raw materials and suppliers

Choosing – or maybe a better word is “finding” – suppliers is not easy. We are a small, craft-based company. We do not buy 200kg of oil at a time, because we want to have the best and the freshest raw ingredients, not something that has passed through a chain of brokers, sitting for who knows how long in each warehouse. We also want to know the source, the method of distillation/pressing and, for evidence, to have certificates of organic characteristics, and the ecological origin of oils, extracts and distillates that we use. We know from experience that the same oil from different countries or from different manufacturers can differ significantly in properties. We care about quality, and on this we are not willing to compromise. Sometimes it is not the complexity of the recipe, but focusing on the quality of the selected ingredients that determines the effectiveness of the finished cosmetic. In any case, this phenomenon is well-known to anyone who cares for nutrition – food from an organic farm where it grows and ripens at its own pace tastes differently from products at the supermarket. It is the same with oils and other plant materials – only a small group of people have such awareness and the possibility to compare them.

Transport and storage

In order to retain valuable properties in the raw ingredients, it is necessary to protect them against light and elevated temperatures. We make sure that in transport and in our warehouse, raw materials and ready cosmetics have the right conditions.

Laboratory tests and documentation

We meet all the sanitary requirements for the production of cosmetics, and all cosmetics with the BIOUP logo are laboratory tested and have the appropriate documentation allowing them to be sold in Poland and the European Union.

Safe, convenient and nice packaging

We want our packaging to be nice, easy to use and – most importantly – to effectively protect your product. In the choice of packaging, we try to combine security with common sense and aesthetics. All oil serums and botanical tonics are enclosed in dark glass bottles, or we have darkened the interior with a label – to prevent light that destroys their miraculous properties and accelerates the oxidation process. In turn, for body care and cleansing products, we decided on a dark plastic that can be recycled. These are products that are often used in a bathtub or shower, so we wanted light, handy packaging that will not break if it accidentally slips out of your hands or falls off the edge of the bathtub. We test all packaging in terms of tightness, sealing and distribution of right amount of the product.

We decided not to pack our products in additional cardboard packaging to reduce the production of waste wherever possible.

Always a fresh product

We prepare products in small batches so that they do not sit around waiting for their turn in the warehouse for many months, but have the opportunity to quickly reach you.

What are BIOUP cosmetics?

For conscious women

When developing recipes, we think about the needs of women aged 30-50. We look for raw materials that help the skin to maintain a youthful glow, but that, above all, allow and facilitate the skin’s proper function. We believe that healthy skin treated with good, safe, natural cosmetics is able to more effectively resist harmful conditions in the environment (dust, pollution, air conditioning, wind), changes that seem to appear more and more frequently, and finally the lapse of time. When properly cleaned, nourished and soothed, skin simply looks more beautiful.

Natural, organic

We create cosmetics from natural ingredients from reliable sources – renowned suppliers from Poland and Europe. Raw materials can be said to be living, with a very small degree of processing – such as extracts, oils, macerates or distillates and substances of botanical origin, but processed by man. Where necessary, we use preservatives approved for use in cosmetics by institutions involved in the certification of products – such as Ecocert.


To the largest extent possible. Most of the raw materials we use for production are certified organic. And that means that not only during the growth of a given plant, it was treated without the use of harmful fertilizers and plant protection products, but also in the process of obtaining raw material (oil, distillate), no chemicals were used.


This is a very important point for us. If we put information on a label that a serum contains vitamin C, it means that the amount is so large that it is worth pointing out, because it will certainly be effective. We do not resort to marketing tricks if the share of any raw material is minimal – unless there are indications for its use. We care about providing reliable information and really good cosmetics, rich in beneficial ingredients.

Well thought-out

Sometimes our cosmetic formulas are simple, sometimes they are more complicated, but they always result from testing, research and attempts to make the combination as potent as possible. We rely on research to guide our actions, but also on botanical knowledge documented in the literature collected for generations.

Hand crafted

Made in small batches, produced with care, commitment and a lot of positive energy flowing from the joy of creating good natural cosmetics.

Polish and balanced

BIOUP cosmetics are manufactured in Poland. Many ingredients in our recipes are native raw materials – that is, from plants growing locally in Poland and Europe. However, we do not want to ignore powerful ingredients with exceptional skincare and support properties that are not available from local sources. In such cases, whenever possible, we try to obtain raw materials from sustainable sources that care for the good of the environment and people.


Each cosmetic with the BIOUP logo has gone through a series of laboratory tests confirming its safety. Our cosmetics are legally admitted for trade in Poland and abroad. It is possible for a natural cosmetic to cause an unwanted reaction in a person who is allergic to one of the ingredients. In this case, immediately stop use of the product. After some time, a test can be repeated to make sure that the irritation was not caused by something else. However, it should be noted that we have not experienced this situation with any of our testers (and we have people with really delicate and sensitive skin) – quite the contrary, some of our cosmetics served these testers very well (like BIOUP soothing serum, BIOUP regenerating serum, MINT-LAVENDER Botanical Toner).

Not tested on animals

Out of the question. We have good information for all of you who have made it to this last point: you can reach for Polish (and European) cosmetics with a clear – of course, legal ones, tested, with documentation – that even do not have this sign, because in the European Union there is a ban on testing cosmetic products on animals, nor can components that have undergone this kind of testing be used. BIOUP cosmetics are tested on our volunteers – who, by the way, are doing very well and have better looking skin by the day! 


Our cosmetics are vegan. Scalp essence BE PURE is an exception where we use propolis.

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